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Our Programs

​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".

Our professionally prepared curriculum is based on the philosophy that young children learn best through hands-on experiences. Each day is filled with fun activities that excite and develop children.

​Infant Class (3 weeks - 17 months)

The experiences an infant encounters during the early years of life are crucial for healthy brain development. Our infant program offers a warm, nurturing, creative environment that helps infants develop their bodies and minds. Infants have their own schedule for playing, eating and sleeping so our teachers will create individual activity plans to cater to each infant's schedule. The activity plans help your baby make sense of their world by exploring an environment filled with rich sensory activities including different sights, sounds, and textures. Your baby will discover and develop their growing bodies in a room that is dedicated and designed specifically for infants. Our infant room provides soft, safe places for your baby to rollover, pull themselves up, crawl and to take their first steps

​Toddler Class ( 18 months - 2 years old)

Our toddler program focuses on your child's early brain development, which is the most important phase for overall development throughout the lifespan. Our professionally prepared toddler curriculum provided by "The Creative Curriculum" enables your child's confidence to grow. From first steps to first words, your toddler will begin to experience the world in new ways. Group activities provide your toddler with a sense of identity. We provide child-directed activities such as art, sensory time, group games and outdoor play for large motor development.

Preschool Class (3 - 5 years old)

Preschool children have many interests and are starting to investigate the widening world by experimenting with their developing use of language and social skills. Our program provides activities to help preschool children become problem solvers and lifelong learners. Through independent exploration, structured activities, and hands-on learning. Preschool children will work on early literacy, math, science, and social studies concepts. Preschool is a time of enormous educational strides in language, social skills and problem solving.

Our program promotes the preschool child's development by offering a rich variety of projects and activities that build upon established foundations for learning while focusing on advancing language ability, mathematical reasoning, and science. Our professionally prepared curriculum provides opportunities for children to develop independently. It also helps us to setup learning centers that offer guided experiences to encompass all the skills and understanding necessary for optimum development and academic success.

School-Age Class (5 - 14 years old)

Before School: As children wait to go to school, your child will be offered a healthy morning breakfast, which is a great way to prepare for school. After breakfast, school-aged children will have the opportunity to participate in small group activities, such as building blocks, reading books, playing games, designing artwork, and even reviewing there homework before they go to school.

After School: Once the children return to Shaker Child Enrichment Center after school, their afternoons are filled with many options. First thing first is all our children are offered a afternoon snack to fuel them for the rest of their day. Some families would like their children to complete their homework at Shaker CEC, so homework tables are set up in the classroom and we also have a computer lab where children have access to the internet to do research for school related projects and assignments. We have 3 outstanding teachers that are present to provide guidance with their homework. Other children choose to participate in one of the many quiet activities so that they will not disturb the children who are doing their homework. After all the children finish up their homework, they either go outside on the playground if the weather permits, or they have free time in our large motor room where they can play air hockey, foosball, or play group games until there parents arrive.

Transportation: Shaker Child Enrichment Center provides transportation to and from the following school districts:

Shaker Heights City Schools

Cleveland Municipal Schools (in a 5 mile radius)

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